China War on Pollution

China War on Pollution & how it affects your production and costs ?

These days , Chinese Factories are experiencing unexpected delays in productions and even closing theirs door for a couple of weeks.The reason is because Beijing is sending inspectors to make sure factories are complying with state environment rules in fighting

chinese new year factories

Understanding Chinese New Year and Its Implications on your Business : Factories Operations

Chinese New Year”, Also called the “Spring Festival”, is the most important festival in Mainland China , Hong Kong , Macao , Taiwan and Singapore . It’s the Christmas or Ramadan or Diwali of China only on a bigger bigger

Why Chinese businessmen worship “Guanyu 關羽” the God of War”?

If you have ever come to China and visited a factory or commercial office, you will notice there will be small a statue of GuanYu , the god of war. Worshipped by businessmen, police officers and members of criminal gangs, …